What is hypoglycemia?

This is a question that many people ask. Hypoglycemia is an acute condition that patients with diabetes should try to avoid. It is especially dangerous for patients receiving insulin therapy.

With hypoglycemia, the blood glucose level decreases below the lower limit of the norm. The lower limit of the norm for a healthy person is 3.3. A decrease in indicators below this limit is fraught with these processes. Glucose is so distributed in the human body that its main amount feeds the brain. Glucose is actually the only source of energy for our body. Only in the most advanced cases does the body utilize energy from ketone bodies. At the same time, there is a decrease in body temperature, a person falls into a pre-comatose state. If during this period the patient cannot take carbohydrates (does not have time to eat), a convulsive period with loss of consciousness may begin.

This condition is very serious. Every 10 minutes of being in a hypoglycemic coma is fraught with the death of several thousand neurons. Our mental abilities depend on the number of neurons, so it’s easy to imagine what the consequences might be if a person fell into a coma more than once.

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