Diabetic coma

This condition can result in a diabetic coma

Indicators of diabetic ketoacidosis

If the patient shows signs of ketoacidosis, you should immediately seek medical help. This condition can result in a diabetic coma.

Indicators of diabetic ketoacidosis:

  • Blood glucose is significantly elevated (> 13.9 mmol / l);
  • The concentration of ketone bodies in the blood is increased (> 5 mmol / l);
  • Test strip shows the presence of ketones in the urine;
  • The body has acidosis, i.e. the acid-base balance has shifted towards an increase in acidity (arterial blood pH < 7.3 at the norm of 7.35-7.45).

You need to take emergency measures: to conduct medication, restore the level of insulin and water exchange (since a lot of fluid is released from the body at this time and dehydration may occur). If the patient is not treated, his condition will quickly deteriorate.

- Currently, 5-8 % of diabetic coma cases (even in developed countries, such as the United States of America) are fatal. Unfortunately, the statistics in Russia are even worse.

If a person suspects that they have the slightest signs of diabetes, they should immediately rush to the doctor to undergo a very simple examination. You need to take a blood sugar test, and very soon it will become clear whether this alarm is false or not. You should not make yourself lose consciousness.